Achieve Your 2020 Goals - 3 Part Series on How Açaí Can Get You On Track: Part 2




Written by: Liza Knill, Wellness Communications Intern, B.Sc. NANS


Part 1 in our 3 - Part Blog Series, explored how açaí can help you achieve your 2020 health goals through nutrition (check it out here). Health, however, goes beyond solely what you eat. It is found in what you do, who you support, and your sense of purpose.


An excellent way to shift your attention is to put your focus on the environment. It seems to me that people are becoming more aware of their role in protecting the environment. This is good news. As we enter this new decade, there is hope and opportunity for change.


So, read on! This post explores how açaí can play a role in environmental protection and help you achieve your 2020 wellness goals.


Part 2 - For the tree hugger


2019 was a year of wake-up calls. The wildfires alone in the past year have burnt down countless trees and vegetation, causing permanent damage to many delicate ecosystems. Yet, deforestation continues.


One of the most significant benefits of açaí purée is that it supports sustainable business opportunities for communities in the Amazon Rainforest. These communities have farming practices that are environmentally friendly and give the Amazon purpose – which is preventing further deforestation of this precious rainforest.


To put this into perspective, every year, the Amazon loses thousands of acres of terrain. With every tree cut down, we only continue to fuel the climate crisis. But why tear apart a forest that is already so fruitful? That is why consuming products that support the viable use of sustainable resources encourages the protection, preservation, and replenishment of this nature.


Consider Inner Glow Superfood's frozen unsweetened açaí purée as an example. Not only is this fruit delicious and nutritious, but it is also sustainable, meaning you can feel good about your purchase for many reasons.


When it comes to taking individual ownership of our environment, sustainability is a great way to go. Let 2020 be the year of intentionality. With açaí, you can not only choose to nourish your body but also to give back to the environment.


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What's to come: Struggling to keep up with your workout resolutions? Don't worry. This 3-part blog series will end off by explaining how açaí can help you prevent exercise burnout.