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Fruit Studio, formerly Inner Glow Superfoods, provides sustainably-sourced, organic açaí puree to Canadians. Açaí is a delicious source of antioxidants and healthy fats that is naturally low in sugar. Frozen aç puree is most often used to create nutritious and delicious açaí bowls and açaí smoothies, but can also be used used to make a range of innovative recipes like beverages, desserts, jams and even savoury dishes. Check out our recipes here. 

We've built a partnership in the communities where our product is cultivated in Brazil. Each fruit is hand picked and frozen within 24 hours to seal in the flavour and the nutrients. Ensuring the demand for aç is maintained and increased globally is helping to preserve the Amazon rainforest and to provide a sustainable livelihood opportunity for traditionally isolated and marginalized communities.

Our Story


Kat Bodkin founded Inner Glow Superfoods in 2017. She first fell in love with açaí while interning with a sustainable development organization in Brazil in 2012. At that time, she was eating açaí daily. When she returned to Canada she was disappointed as the delicious fruit wasn't anywhere to be found. In 2017, Kat decided to start a socially-responsible company that would be the main provider of açaí in Canada. Soon thereafter, Inner Glow Superfoods was born! 

Photo of Kat Bodkin Tyrell holding açaí cheesecakeKat has struggled with digestive health issues for much of her adult life. Growing up in rural Ontario with access to her family’s garden she often ate nutritious foods straight from the soil. She switched to less healthy alternatives during university. Not surprisingly, Kat ran into health problems in her mid twenties, and struggled to find answers as to what was causing the issues for years. She began to do self research and learned about the powerful healing qualities of food for overall wellbeing. Her journey led her to eat more mindfully as she learned what types of foods were the biggest triggers of digestive symptoms. Most importantly, she has cut down on all forms of sugar – even natural ones found in fruits and honey.

With mindful eating, Kat’s energy, digestion, and overall quality of life has improved. She wanted to share this lesson with fellow Canadians who are struggling with their own health issues, and offer them an alternative fruit that is naturally sugar-free. Globally, she aimed to build a social enterprise that will empower farming communities in the Amazon region of Brazil to increase their financial wellbeing, and reduce the impact of climate change by helping to preserve the rain forest.

Expanding Our Family

In 2020, Kat's friend got involved. As a local health professional, fruit enthusiast, business owner and Brazil-lover, she began to fall in love with the açaí product in all its health benefits. Her company JSH Health Group Inc. took over operations of the company, delivering product straight to the homes of consumers, promoting the deliciousness of the food and rebranding as Fruit Studio. Together they continue the mission of providing healthy, sustainable foods and fruits to Canadians, continuing with the delicious açaí.