Photo of 2 100g Sachets of Frozen Organic Açaí surrounded by white and pink flowers and herbs
Frozen Organic Açaí Purée - Unsweetened

Frozen Organic Açaí Purée - Unsweetened

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Enjoy delicious and nutritious açaí, delivered now straight to your home.

Açaí is what we do.

Our simple boxes contain inside them our beautifully pure, frozen açaí sachets.

Our product is available in our popular 1-month (30 x 100g servings) and 2-month (60 x 100g servings) sizes. 

Our organic frozen açaí purée is picked fresh and frozen immediately in under 24 hours to preserve all the healthy vitamins, fats, minerals and fibre. It’s naturally sugar-free and unsweetened, making it a perfect keto-friendly, low-carb fruit. Our product typically lasts frozen for months, and in the fridge after defrosted for 3-5 days.

Please inquire about whether or not we deliver to you. We currently service Toronto, Hamilton and other cities in and around the GTA. 

If you’d like to place a commercial or larger customer order, contact us directly at for more information about wholesale, commercial and competitive bulk order pricing for your restaurant, juice bar or other food service business.  

Ingredients: açaí, water, citric acid.