At Home And Bored? Give Açaí Bowls A Try This Spring

Written by: Liza Knill, Wellness Communications Intern, B.Sc. NANS

Ordinary life is changing rapidly, so how can we adjust to this new normal? Together, everyone is working hard to persist and adapt. One way to ease the situation is to look introspectively. It is vital to stick to healthy eating habits and seek out ways to boost your spirit.


Since spring is upon us, this is the perfect time for regrowth and rejuvenation. Keep reading to find out some exciting new ways to appease "at home restlessness" and embrace the season with açaí.


Spring is full of colour, life, and vibrancy. Similar to an açaí bowl! The intense purple pigment, the lively antioxidants, and the nutrient-rich toppings, all scream springtime.


By starting the day with a nutritious açaí bowl, you are starting the day off right. Setting this habit of starting your day with a nutritious meal can help you feel better equipped to take on daily tasks. This small change can keep you sane and healthy amongst the chaos beyond your doors.


Enjoy this new abundance of time to learn something new. Read a book, master a new skill, or try out an original recipe. Smoothie bowls, for example, are easy, fun, and creative. This hands-on activity is perfect for adults and kids. Spark your imagination and creativity by trying out different toppings and designs. It is sure to cure your boredom while fueling your body at the same time.


With limited excursions and more time at home, frozen unsweetened açaí purée is an excellent option. This nutritious fruit provides a high number of antioxidants that will keep. It can be stored in your freezer and incorporated into a variety of recipes.


On another note, everyone loves a good spring cleaning, right? Now is the perfect opportunity to clean and organize your space. In light of the recent and uncontrollable events, it is entirely understandable to be feeling anxious. You are not alone, and one way to embrace calm in your life is to create a peaceful living space. So, welcome spring with a fresh, clean slate.


Use this well-deserved time to put your physical and mental health first. Step away from the computer screen and take a breath. Though confined to our homes, you can still keep active, whether that be yoga, meditating, or indoor exercises. Embrace the change in seasons and brighten up your day with açaí.


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