SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Low Carb Frozen Acai Fruit Puree E-Commerce Launch in Ontario


Today Inner Glow Superfoods is proud to announce the official e-commerce launch of our premium frozen organic açaí purée to consumers in Ontario. They will be available at select Penguin Pick Up locations.

Açaí is known as a superfood as it contains a great mix of vitamins, healthy fats, minerals antioxidants and fibre – and it is uniquely one of the only fruits that is naturally sugar-free. Açaí that is pure and unsweetened is a great low carb and keto friendly fruit, with one serving containing healthy fats and potassium, and only a half gram of net carbs. It is one of only fruits that can be eaten in generous amounts on virtually all restrictive diets, making it a super inclusive fruit as well!

Açaí fruits are grown on açaí palm trees in the Amazon Rainforest in South America. Last month we travelled to Brazil to learn about the harvesting process and culture of açaí. Açaí naturally replenishes each year, and after the edible portion is extracted the seeds are either re-planted or used in the circular economy in the region.

We were struck by the amount of açaí that grows in the wild there -  it’s all over the place! We’re really excited to bring this sustainable Amazonian resource to Canada, while helping to preserve the rainforest and increase the profits of local farming cooperatives in the region. 

The frozen purée comes in 100 gram individual pouches, available in boxes of 30 or 60 pouches at a discounted price. The açaí purée can be enjoyed as a popular açaí bowl or smoothie, or can reduce overall sugars in recipes by replacing the fruit in virtually any fruit-based recipe. While açaí bowls can be found in many juice bars, açaí fans can now enjoy it in the comfort of their home, being able to better control the ingredients added to their recipes. It is important that our açaí is pure so we don’t add any refined sugars or artificial additives that can bother sensitive tummies – nothing but the good stuff!

Offering our açaí directly to consumers is a big step forward. We began supplying to juice bars and food manufacturers in Toronto back in 2017. Now the açaí pouches are officially available for purchase to anyone online, here at www.innerglowsuperfoods.ca. We have partnered with Canadian distribution company Penguin Pick Up, who will help distribute the açaí to a pick up location near you. And it doesn't end there - we've got big plans to launch in a store near you in Winter 2020 with our new retail packaging - stay tuned!

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