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A Nutritional Powerhouse: 5 Reasons We Love Acai

  Hopefully by now you’ve tried a tasty acai bowl at a local juice bar. If not, you need to get your butt to Greenhouse Juice Co or Nutbar if you live in Toronto and sample this bowl of health to see what all the fuss is about! You may have heard that this purple superfruit is extremely healthy with many nutritional benefits, but are you still wondering to yourself - “what’s the big deal?!?! Why is acai so amazing for my health?” Well, there are actually a ton of benefits to eating acai, which is why we want to raise awareness about this powerful superfruit with fellow Canadians.  Below we have outlined our top 5 nutritional benefits of eating...

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Top 5 Ingredients for Low Carb Smoothies

Trying to reduce your carbs, eat low sugar fruits and stay in ketosis? Trying to reduce your sugar intake - even from natural fruits - but love the taste of that sweet fruity smoothie? Switching to a low-sugar diet can be a serious challenge, whether trying to satisfy diabetic, ketogenic, or any other low-sugar dietary needs. Most smoothie recipes call for heaps of high-sugar fruits, mounds of sweetened yogurt and drizzles of honey. And they claim to be as healthy as can be!!! While I’m not about bashing different dietary beliefs (definitely not claiming that fruits are unhealthy), I am setting out to help fellow low-sugar dieters – whatever their reasonings may be! Personally, I suffer from severe gut issues,...

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Key Acai Bowl Ingredients: Superfood List with Keto Diet Options

Wondering what is in an acai bowl? If there are keto friendly options? How about what can be added to make a creamy texture, or what the best açaí bowl toppings are to add some crunch? Well today is your lucky day! We’ve outlined a superfood list of ingredients to keep in your kitchen so you can make the perfect açaí bowl every time!  Our top açaí bowl ingredients are included in the infograph below. It is meant to be a guide so you can pick and choose a few from each category to build your masterpiece! Always start with the basic mix (water and sweetener at a minimum), then add some optional ingredients from the texture, health boosts, and...

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