Achieve Your 2020 Goals - 3 Part Series on How Açaí Can Get You On Track: Part 1

Achieve Your 2020 Goals - 3 Part Series on How Açaí Can Get You On Track: Part 1

Written by: Liza Knill, Wellness Communications Intern, B.Sc. NANS


As we enter into a new decade, there is no better time to refresh, reflect, and recharge for the year ahead. Are you stuck in old patterns? Bored with what you eat? Or want to take back your health? Whatever it may be, to succeed, you must do what is best for you by creating good sustainable habits!


It is no secret that sticking to a strict diet can be challenging. Instead, finding a balance is even more critical. I suggest trying out new foods and being creative! This is why so many people love açaí. You can blend it, purée it, or bake it into your favorite recipe. The ways to incorporate it into your life are endless (click here to see our newest recipes).


This new decade is a fresh slate, and with açaí as an option, it has never been easier to make small but impactful changes. Is it your resolution to put your physical and mental health first? Or better yet, care more for the environment? If you answered yes or are perhaps still on the fence, read this post. Here is Part 1 of how açaí can help you get on track for 2020.


Part 1 - For the health nut.


We've all heard the saying, "you are what you eat," or maybe something along the lines of "your health starts in the kitchen." If you aspire to be a healthier and happier you, consider introducing the tasty and delicious fruit, açaí, into your diet.


You are probably asking yourself; What's so special about açaí? Don't most berries have antioxidants? Well, one of the benefits of açaí is its abundant reservoir of nutrients. Açaí contains more antioxidants per serving than other known berries. Even more than blueberries! This means that it can fight off more oxidative stress. Especially in the brain, which is highly susceptible to oxidative damage.


Açaí is also naturally low in sugar. If you are trying to eat healthier, you will likely find sugar is difficult to give up. Sugar can mess with your body. You may have even found that you have become dependent on it. The challenging part is trying to escape it since most foods have sugar in one form or another. This is why açaí is such a great option. Unlike other fruits, unsweetened frozen açaí has no sugars at all! And if you have a sweet tooth like me, this healthier option can be turned into a tasty sugar-free treat by merely adding a few drops of liquid stevia.


So, if you are embarking on a health journey in 2020, having açaí in your pantry is a great idea!


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What's to come: get ready for Part 2 of our 3 Part Blog Series, where we will be exploring all the ways açaí can help you to support the environment!